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Light on the initiative "Mamut Art Project"

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Dedicated​ ​to​ ​engaging​ ​up-and-coming​ ​artists​ ​with​ ​new​ ​collectors,​ ​galleries​ ​and​ ​curators,​ M​​amut​ ​Art Project​​ ​will​ ​be​ ​back​ ​this​ ​spring,​ ​providing​ ​a​ ​dynamic​ ​platform​ ​for​ ​emerging​ ​creative​ ​talent​ ​working​ ​in​ ​a range​ ​of​ ​disciplines​.

©MamutArtProject website
© Mamurt Art Project 2016

This unique art event is dedicated to engage emerging artists with new collectors, galleries and curators. Every spring of each year Mamut Art initiative is providing an important platform for 50 up-and-coming creative talents working in a range of disciplines.

Learn more about Mamut Art Project

What make this initiative attractive and different from the other events in the art scene ?

"Mamut Art Project supports the most exciting emerging artistic talents working in various disciplines across Turkey and in the region. It offers a unique opportunity to discover and experience art, but also to engage personally with the artists, providing an important alternative to the established pattern of commercial artistic faith, "said Miss. Kohen.

Each spring of every year, be at the rendezvous !

Artlovers discover new artists each year and take their first steps into collecting art with our affordable art concept. (#mamutartproject, #art, #mamutsanatprojesi, #sanat)

Creating an open door for all talents

Mamut Art, is a rare available space for emergent Artists to share their passion with professional and passionate art lovers

Sponsored by Akkök Holding, the Mamut Art project aims to provide a platform for talented emerging artists from Anatolia to exhibit their works in their own dedicated space while giving art lovers the opportunity to discover new names and idea.

For art lovers it is also a good opportunity to buy unique artworks at a reasonable prices.

Stay tuned

To stay up-to-date on Mamut Art Project news, including tips and interesting articles, check out the Mamut Art Project website.

You could even be a part of the next edition of the project.

Send your own works and try your chance. Do not hesitate !

Start sharing your art today.

  • "Mamut Art Project du 26 au 30 avril 2017 : Une initiative pour rassembler les talents d’Anatolie" article by : Selim Cherif posted on "Aujourd'hui La Turquie" Magazine


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