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WE ART in the service of Youth

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

WE ART, when 13-18 years old teens launch their artistic initiative.

© Mohammed Yacin Méchi Design

This project is designed especially for teens to develop their skills, connect with art, and share their ideas with each others.

To know more about WE ART, we decided to interview the project manager Ghayth Gabsi and his colleague the JCI Kélibia Junior deputy chairman miss Wiem Slama from Tunisia to tell as further information about their event.

Let's talk about your JCI Kélibia Junior association,

what are the basic purposes and goal of your group ?

JCI is an international organization of young active citizens

all over the world who wish create a positive impact in their communities.

"JCI Kélibia Junior" brings together the young teenagers of the city of kélibia between the age category of 13 to 18 years to lead and organize projects for the interest of their community and to empower their personal and professional construction.

It's a kind of leadership academy : we afford our members with

the opportunity to act, manage a team, and plan events through those projects and training courses.

We work on many axis such as education, human rights, economy and culture.

March 2019, Kélibia Culture House © Ghayth Gabsi

How the idea of the event

WE ART came to your mind ?

So we wanted to promote the idea of arts and foster its importance in our daily life.

Young people in Tunisia need

to entertain themselves.

During this phase of the year, we are very stressed because

of the successive strikes followed by the exams, the student

did not have enough of time to recover.

So we wanted to launch this event to ease a little and bring

some comfort and entertainment.

Tell us more about WE ART

We ART is a sort of art days. It last 3 days with plenty of artistic activities open for public.

  • 1st day (28/03) : Film projection "dear son - Weldi" of "Mohammed Ben Attia"

  • 2nd day (29/03) : Street art graffiti by the artist "Marwen Walha" / Gallery exhibition / Musical show with "Differencia Band".

  • 3rd day (30/03) : Solo musical performance with "Ghofrane Aloui" and "Seven Skies" musical concert.

All these activities are taking place in the cultural and youth complex of Kélibia city in Tunisia.

What are the criteria of choosing your members in general, and particularly for projects or events ?

To be honest the selection is not too strict, we say it especially to encourage young people to try and be part of our family.

Every young boy or girl aged between 13 and 18 can join us for the juniors sector and from 18 to 40 for the seniors group.

Commitment really matters, having some communication skills and specially being active and productive to give the most to the civil society activism.

Kélibia as a city does it offer you a potential or facilities

for succeeding your projects ?

You know Kelibia got a very beautiful sea, considered as one of

the bests in the mediterranean region.

Weather is nice in Kélibia too, not only in summer but also during the seasons all over the year.

To organize events and activities these small details become important. We don’t have to overthink about climatic circonstances, no matter when, our events can also take place in winter.

Summertime is fully crowded since people come for the the beach,

we wanted to bring people and encourage them to come this time

for culture and art.

Which specify maybe the inhabitant of this city that they have

the feeling of belonging. This detail helped us a lot, people

were really welcoming the idea and everyone was trying to afford with help from their own position.

The JCI Kélibia Junior at their association space, Feb.2019 © Wajdi Filali

What is your message for young people in your age in Tunisia

and in the world ?

We encourage every teenager to take part of organisations

and practice artistic activities.

This is the way to protect yourself against obscurity or any

kind of danger that can lead to delinquency and extremism.

With commitment to civil society, especially through art

and culture, we can build a strong foundation to create a better present and guarantee a healthy future.


Interview by : SELIM CHERIF for MAM magazine.


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