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Sirin Boubaker

Born in Tunisia, Sirin is a visual artist who holds a Fine Arts degree from Nabeul.

During her career, she teaches plastic arts and travels to different countries such as France, Egypt Turkey, and Morocco to exhibit there, accompany young people in their practice, or simply to discover new inspirations.

Her first works emerged from loneliness and silence. A meditation that takes the form of a spiritual and universal reaction contrasting with the rhythm of modern life.

At first glance, her drawings seem to respond to both instinctive and involuntary gestures in their creation, thus becoming the product of innate and natural reflection.

Today she creates photomontages with a cynical commitment.


Based in Paris since 2019 where she studies in the field of artistic direction, Sirin has evolved her technique to focus mainly on a technique mixing drawing, collage and photomontage.


To date, she has five series to her credit: Vegetal Agitations 2017, Alienated Asylum 2018, Lapsus, Ebranlements 2020 and Reincarnation 2020.

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