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li Matċoufekċi 

The all senses Exhibition

Art Curator : Selim Cherif / Painter : Wala Abdelali / Music :Zied Mehdi

"l'În li Matċoufekçi" (in English: "Eyes that cannot see you") 

is an exhibition about Tunisian art and Stye, which is centered mainly on the mixture between White and Blue with a Golden touch. 


These two colors with golden layers are going to bring us to an expedition to discover the natural faces of Tunisia, its urban style, and the environmental atmosphere.


Also intended for the disabled thanks to the use of

different textures you can feel the art-works.

"If eyes cannot see it... still it is possible to feel it"

Zied Mehdi
a day in marsa
domes of sidi bousaid
a window in sidi bousaid
a scenary in djerba
the wave
the waves that stands out
night view
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